Share Your Music and Reach New Listeners

It’s finished, the song is written, the pieces are recorded, the tracks are produced and the final mix down complete – what’s next?

Creating, recording and finishing a track can feel like the whole process when you’re making music. Once it’s finally complete and ready to listen to it can feel like a weight is lifted and the job is done and that may be the case if you’ve only made it for your own enjoyment. 

But if you want to get your music out to audiences, heard by new people, making fans and being enjoyed by others then the next step begins. Here are our top 5 spots where your music should be going if you want it to be heard.

Spotify & Other Streaming Services

Streaming services are the top dogs of music today, there’s no denying it. They have overtaken physical media to become the primary source of music consumption. If you want your music to be available and you’re not on streaming services you’re missing out on the main source of music for billions of people!

We offer distribution to all of the top streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, TIDAL, Amazon and many more. So you can get your music out there and you keep 100% of all the earnings.

Playlist Influencers 

Playlists are huge and bring in millions of listeners every single week. They’ve essentially replaced radio as the place where listeners go to hear a curated selection of music but they go so much further by offering content based on themes, genres, feelings, and so much more. 

Playlists are massive and getting featured in them has proven tobe the major success for many artists and broken songs onto charts. You can send your tracks to curators through Spotify for Artists.

There are also sites like Playlist Push which offer services for getting in front of the creators of some of the huge playlists.

Radio Stations and Radio DJs

Playlists and streaming might be taking the place of radio, but the airwaves are still a huge source of listeners. This is perhaps the most competitive option on the list – it is very difficult to get on the radio without big label influence! But it’s possible, and some stations push independent music much more than major stations.

Radio 6 for example has a bunch of great presenters who are keen on the independent scenes. Find a station and DJ who you think plays the sort of music you would suit and see if you can get in touch with them via email or social media.

Some may even host websites for you to get in touch with, like Radio 6 presenter Tom Robinson’s site Fresh On The Net. With a team of tastemakers they listen to loads of music every week and pick their favourites to share, and some of the very best make it to radio.

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